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Brother Sundance

Introducing one our more recent notable discoveries from Fort Lauderdale, FL,, 18-year old singer, songwriter, and producer BROTHER SUNDANCE who has quickly become one of my favorite new artists. This emerging star has been playing the drums from the very early age of two and, he writes and records all of his own music, often playing every instrument on each song, and produces it all as well. He just recently released his brilliant debut EP "Honey" which is a work of art so genius, that it literally got inside of my bones when I heard it. Each and every song is absolutely amazing in its own way and quickly after the release of his EP, he was named Apple Music's Artist of the Week. He performs with a band of three other members; which include the beautiful vocals by Kristina Palacios. Their music as well as his voice are truly unique and I have becvome obsessed with their sound. Check out 3 of my top favorites from the EP including the first single called "Blind" which you can check out below:

Another one of my favorites that I had to share is called "You and Me" which features singer Summer Wright which you can check out below:

And last, I had to share my personal favorite entitled "Monsters" which is a song that made its way into my core and gave me chills and goosebumps and all the feels. The feeling that I felt when I heard this is something I can't describe but truly love. Check it out below:

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