Introducing 21 year old producer/singer Elle Tayla aka YOLLKS from Melbourne. Growing up on Phillip Island Elle learned acoustic guitar from a young age. Through her teenage years she garnered an interest in music with a more electronic and off-kilter vibe. During a time when she took a break from music because she didn't know how to make the songs she liked, YOLLKS honed into her production skills and created her own studio set-up where she began to write the music that felt right and made sense to her. Her debut single ‘Return To Sender’ is the first of many tracks to come from YOLLKS and is a great example of her powerful production skills as she combines synths and hi-hats with her powerful yet ethereal vocals over an unadulterated beat resulting in a dreamy example of dream pop at it's finest. Can't wait to hear what else she has in store. Check out her single 'Return to Sender' below:

To learn more about YOLLKS follow her on Facebook

or visit her website at http://www.yollks.com/

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