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Introducing Boston raised and Los Angeles based sound designer, song writer, composer & producer XANDER SINGH who you may know as the recent keyboardist of Passion Pit and whom after a very physically and emotionally painful time in his life, didn't let anything stop him and recently launched a new solo project where he creates music you can feel in your bones. His debut album "Muffin", is a beautiful work of art and every song was written and recorded by Xander in his living room. "Muffin" is set to be released December 16th via Hit City U.S.A. Check out his beautiful work of genius song that put him on my "eardar" called "As Long As You're Loved" below:

To hear more from XANDER SINGH like his latest single "Love Is Suicide",

visit his Soundcloud page at  

and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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