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24-year old Melbourne based singer/songwriter, producer and all around powerhouse Elle Graham who goes by the monkier WOODES, has shared her gorgeous latest single "Dots". Speaking on the track she says:


‘The song evolved into a miniature quest, searching for something. When I dream I usually remember narratives from them, for a long time they were presented in a quest format. Most of my favourite films and shows revolve around quests so it made sense to seep into my subconscious. I often feel like things appear like little clues to someone or something. It feels fortuitous when I meet certain people and find out we share common interests and values. When I listen to ‘Dots’ I see different terrains, different parts of the world."


The cinematic track is definitely one I've had on repeat since I've heard and you can check it out here:

To hear more from WOODES, be sure to follow her

on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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