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Synth-Pop/New Age


Introducing producer, singer, songwriter and artist VERTEL whose music blew my mind when I heard it. This Minnesota native who moved to LA to turn her passion into her profession has since collaborated with the likes of JoJo, Brian Kennedy, and the Undergdogs. A powerhouse indeed, this rising star produces, writes and engineers all her own music and her music is something I can't get enough of especially being a lover of the 80's as she showcases her 80's influence that's tied together so perfectly with a new age sound. With the release of her single 'OMG', this wonder woman steps into the music game strong and definitely is one to watch. Check out her latest single 'OMG' below and if you're a lover of the 80's, synth-pop sound, be sure you check out her other singles 'Love Hard' ,'Gravity' and 'Uh Oh' which are favorites of mine. You'll be glad you did.

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