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Trackless is band of 20-somethings from the Midwest who recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Their music combines elements of R&B, soul, and pop to create a style all their own. Their unique sound is largely created by split lead singers Jeremy Jones and Jordan West. West, who is also the band's drummer, provides an energetic brightness that perfectly compliments Jones' rich and soulful voice. They are joined by keyboardist Jon Nelson who covers bass and keys, providing powerful solos and solid support during live shows. In the few years they've been together, they have put out two full-length albums and are in the process of writing a third. They have played countless venues along the way, sharing the stage with nationally touring bands like Mona Tavakoli and Chaska Potter, Who's Bad?, The Knux, Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, and Sophistifunk. Their entertaining and explosive live shows allowed them to gain a loyal fan base in the Midwest. Now, they are following the music to LA and wherever else it may lead them.

I personally got the chance to see them perform live here in Los Angeles just last week at The Study in Hollywood and let me just say, they were nothing short of amazing. Not only was I excited that I was seeing a Viola being used on stage but, the fact that their amazing drummer was a female made it that much better. The soul that Jeremy has in his voice combined with what I describe to be Jordan's voice as breezy, creates the sound and the good energy is definitely felt by all those around.

One song that I enkoyed hearing in particular was "Circles" which you can hear below:

To hear more from TRACKLESS visit their website at

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