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Indie/Electronic /Alt-Pop

Timothy Heller

Introducing Los Angeles-based indie singer/songwriter TIMOTHY HELLER who you may recognize as formally one half of Dresses. She has just released her must-hear solo debut single "Sleep" which is a haunting yet dreamy tale of cheating. Speaking on the track she says:

“My best friend’s boyfriend had just cheated on her. I wrote this song starting from his perspective, trying to win her back. My friend’s reaction when she was opening up to me when this happened was that she just wanted to sleep it away. So the chorus is from her perspective.”

Heller shows that she can hold her own with this one and definitely leaves her mark as one to watch. Check out "Sleep" here:

To hear more from TIMOTHY HELLER, be sure to follow her

on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Premiered via Atwood Magazine

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