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Introducing Los Angeles-based quintet THE MARÍAS consisting of sultry singer María Zardoya, drummer/producer Josh Conway, bassist Carter Lee, keyboardist Edward Friedlander and guitarist Jesse Perlman. María's hypnotically intoxicating vocals leave you feeling as if you're floating in a dreamlike psychedelic fusion of jazz and funk. They recently unveiled the stylish video to their first single "I Don't Know You" off of their forthcoming first EP, titled ‘Superclean Vol. I,’ which will then be followed by ‘Superclean Vol. II’ in early 2018. The video was directed by Ian Lipton and stars the band’s siren Maria Zardoya and its drummer/producer Josh Conway as a couple in the throes of being a couple. Enjoy the vintage aesthetic they bring and check out the debut video for "I Don't Know You" below:

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