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2016, what a year it has been especially when it comes to the music world. Unfortunately we lost many legends such as David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, Leonard Cohen, Vanity, Maurice White, Nick Menza, Rick Parfitt, David Gest, Christina Grimmie, Merle Haggard, George Martin and most recently George Michael to name a few. May they all rest in peace. And although we lost many, there have also been a large number of new great artists that have joined the music world.

This year has been particularly significant to me as this was the year I decided to launch which I am so glad that I did as the journey thus far as been amazing. The feeling I get when artists and other blogs tell me how they appreciate what I am doing is something I cannot put into words. As we go into this new year, I am truly excited for whatever is to come. I am also very excited and proud to present to you this list of the Best Songs of 2016 that I had the honor of collaborating on with Adam from FringeMusicFix and Stevie from WonkySensitive These are two blogs that I truly admired and who inspired me before I started this so I truly feel honored to be a part of this with them especially with being so new to this. I am grateful for their kindness and open arms to this "new kid on the block". 

The following songs which are listed in order alphabetically are the songs we three felt were the best to be released this past year and although the list may be a long one, it just shows how much good music there was this year and it's also a preview of some of the awesome new music there is to come. Songs with a 💎 next to them are songs that all three blogs agreed should be part of this list. Songs which are marked with ♥ are songs that I had to mention as they were of special significance to me personally and helped me get through certain things I was faced with this past year or just remind me of special moments. The initials after each song represent the website/s that nominated it to this list. With a list like this, what other list do you need? :) I hope you enjoy!

You can also stream these songs now on on Spotify (playlist at bottom of post)

[FMF} = FringeMusicFix; [MHB] = MusicalHeARTBeat; [WS] = WonkySensitive

Special thanks to Adam and Stevie for allowing me to be a part of this epic list And wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Welcome 2017!

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