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Prayer (Video)

Electrnoic/Alt Pop

Tessa Dixon debut single Prayer

Brussels based singer TESSA DIXSON has today unveiled the video to her sensual debut single "Prayer" Set to mournful synths and a slow, piercing beat this song oozes teenage angst and lust as her soulful voice seduces you and leaves you hooked. Speaking on the track she says:

“I have tried to evoke a depth in my lyrics combined with a melancholic melody to mirror the complexity of relationships. Even though there is a certain dark quality to the song I still wanted the sound to be fresh and soulful”

I can;t wait to hear more from this emerging artist. For now, check out the video to "Prayer" below:

To hear more from TESSA DIXSON, be sure to follow her on

SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

Premiered via The Fader

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