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Introducing singer, songwriter, and producer ST. HUMAIN. An independent musical identity who combines pop sensibilities with flecks of soul and sets it against a backdrop of electronic production. Just like his edgy musicality, his lyrics hold that tension between being an I’ve-got-it-all-together saint and a fallible earth-person. He just released his debut single 'Make A Move' of which he says the following:

“Life’s way too short for hesitation…” It’s a common experience to go through

each day with longings for better lives, for things that we’ve always wanted

but were too scared to run after. Make a Move is about that inner war, that

conversation with the voices in your head that strain to keep you locked in.

Sometimes all that’s needed is a single step forward to rebel against the

forces that stand between you and the future that you’ve always dreamed of.

Check out his feel-good debut single 'Make A Move' below:

To hear more from ST. HUMAIN, be sure to follow him

on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter

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