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Introducing Swedish singer/songwriter SOPHIA SOMAJO (aka Soso) who today releases the mini-album of 7 songs, "Freudian Slip".

Being known for having written Billboard #1’s for Pop Music’s biggest names with her quite unexpected friend and publisher, Max Martin under secret pseudonyms for years, Sophia Somajo (from Sweden) is a very D.I.Y artist on her own account. Being the true face of the term indie as she historically has produced, written and recorded all her own music while also directing, editing and grading all the music videos and press shots. An artist of many talents and bullet proof uncompromising integrity.

Despite her successful career as an off-the-grid songwriter, she has never wanted to talk about her work for other artists and has been massively mysterious about it.

”I don’t want people to focus on the wrong things… That world is so different from the world I live in as an artist and I don’t want to mix them up.”

With the latest single off the album called "Amphetamine", Sophia explains...

"Amphetamine is about ADHD/ADD.. and the illusion of the quick fix. The Machine doesn't want to make room for the wild and free of the mind so it makes us feel like we're broken... and when we feel broken we are taught to ask to be fixed. My question is, who determines what is broken? Who defines what is illness and what is genius? Should we conform or should the system evolve? I know that I won't take a pill and get back in line..."

Check out "Amphetamine" below:

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