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Introducing, based from the mountains outside of LA, illustrator, painter, producer, songwriter & singer SOLVEJ whose music I stumbled across the other day and may I just say, I am sure glad I did. This beauty who grew up with old soul/R&B music and a hell of a lot of motown has a beautiful soulful voice and a throwback sound that will take you back to the golden era of blues & jazz which you can feel deep down in your soul. On her Soundcloud page, she describes herself as someone who just wants to "make great fucking music" and that is exactly what she does. SOLVEJ is definitely one to watch and I can't wait to hear what else is to come from her. Check out her latest released single, which is an amazing, soulful audible treat, called "I Wanna Be High" below:

To hear more from SOLVEJ visit her Soundcloud page at

and also be sure to follow her on Facebook

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