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Electronic Ethereal Bliss


You know that feeling you get when you hear a piece of music for the first time and it just gives you chills? When you feel it go down your spine and you get excited by what you're experiencing? That's the feeling I got yesterday when I came across the music of singer/songwriter Christina Cano who performs under her solo monkier SIREN AND THE SEA. The name is a perfect fit as Cano, whose vocals are of pure alluring ethereal bliss, provides a dreamy electronic synth soundscape that will hypnotize you and leave you feeling as if you are floating in a beautiful underwater heaven. Listen to the dreamy first single "Amazon" off of her upcoming debut album "This Time With Feelings" which is set for release on February 17th and I am oh so excited about below:

To hear more from SIREN AND THE SEA like her other amazing song "Dust",

be sure to follow her on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter

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