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Honey Whiskey



Following her collaborative effort with Manila Killa for the hit single "Youth", Long Beach-based emerging songstress SATICA has today released her latest offering "Honey Whiskey". A soothing and sexy song that speaks of passion and hopefully just a taste of what's to come from this rising star. Speaking on the track she says:

"It was inspired by a close friend who experienced a spontaneous, wild, and heated romance while traveling, I decided to live vicariously through her experience and tell this story. Honey Whiskey is a tale of two new young lovers who have found each other during the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected place. The whirlwind of passion that captivates them and the electricity of undeniable attraction, births a sense of reckless euphoria between the two, which causes them to be more daring than ever with each other. "

"Honey Whiskey" is off her forthcoming debut EP "Drippin" releasing via Moving Castle, executive produced by AObeats (co-founder of Moving Castle). Check out this sexy track here:

To hear more from SATICA, be sure to follow her

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