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Introducing singer/songwriter and amazing talent that is RUSSELL SWALLOW. Just returning from being on a tour, he's gearing up for the release of his debut solo EP "My Lover, Her Lover, And Me". The beautiful music he creates shows how he is someone who was born with poetry and emotion running through his veins and deep in his soul. He tells stories driven by infectious melodies and sensuous imagery. He calls on the classic grooves of James Bay, the storytelling of Tracey Chapman, and the ambience of Ry-X. Russell's sound is brooding and powered by rich tenor vocals & driven guitars. Take a listen to his delicately and yet amazingly powerful and beautiful first cut from his upcoming EP called "Delcate" below:

To hear more from RUSSELL SWALLOW visit his Soundcloud page


and also be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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