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Introducing Polish singer POLA RISE who you can easily compare to Bjork’s loveliness but is much more mysterious. Her sensitive voice can move you and give you chills. Pola Rise is the first polish artist who was invited to Deezer Sessions, which was attended by Selah Sue, Ed Sheeran, Lianne La Havas and Asaf Avidan.She performed her session with MANOID (electronics),TOBERA (guitars), Wiktoria Jakubowska (drums) and Agata Kurzyk (cello). It’s also worth noting that last year Pola Rise played over fifty live shows, including slots at Spring Break Festival, Soundrive, Selah Sue and Karin Park. On stage Pola Rise accompanies MANOID, the producer who transfers sounds of nature into synthetic sounds and changes emotions into sine waves. Pola introduced her sensitivity and unique sensibility to the sound, her soft voice perfectly matching the style of MANOID and taking listeners into a fascinating journey with every note. Together, they created a sophisticated combination of two opposite elements and despite the difference of characters, these two are bound by mutual inspirations. As an electronic artist, Pola Rise is finding herself in a world of dichotomy as she swings from the sparse, haunting minimalism of her previous album The Power of Coincidence to the bright, full-bodied sound of tracks like “Behind”. Opening up with jangly piano keys and a mesmeric Bjork-esque vocal, “Behind” is an instantly warm and joyful song rich in bombastic horns, layered synths and mementos of motivation. Listen to it here:

Pola Rise also takes her engaging performance presence into music videos, like the supernatural scenes of "Did You Sleep Last Night" which can be seen below:

Pola Rise’s second album is due for release early 2017.

To hear more from POLA RISE visit her Soundcloud page at

Or visit her website at

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