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Prison Break



Following the release of their debut EP "Awakening", fellow Los Angeles-based synth-pop duo NÉONHÈART comprised of songwriter/producer HAOO and singer-songwriter Christina O’Connor, return with their latest new single "Prison Break" and oh is it a good one. Speaking on the track they say:

"This song came from an internal struggle as well as a feeling of frustration from political and societal up turns in the past year, and feeling completely trapped in ones external surroundings. Often times it has to get to a point of complete anger and frustration for us as humans to take action for real change. And it just got to that point for us where we weren’t willing to wait anymore and just had this real urgency for change. Freedom is being stronger than your demons and making the conscious decision everyday to choose love always."

Check out their latest offering "Prison Break" here:

To hear more from NÉONHÈART, be sure to follow them on

SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Premiered via We Found new Music

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