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Electronic Pop/Darkwave


Introducing Brooklyn-based producer and vocalist Elise Winn who musically goes by the name MOTHERMARY. This emerging multi-instrumentalist starting writing and producing her own music from her bedroom and now, after recently reuniting with her twin sister, is breaking into the electronic scene. She recently released her 4-track debut EP "Not A Virgin" and has unveiled the video to the first single off the album called "You Know How I Feel". A song that oozes sensuality and slightly reminds me a little bit of Banks, which she describes the video as thus:

‘Imagine you’re waiting for your lover in a dark pleasure hotel, but they never show up,

so instead you dance with the devil."

Check out the video which was directed by Elyse herself to "You Know How I Feel" and get lost in the goth vibes below:

To hear more from MOTHERMARY, be sure to follow her

on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

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