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Introducing the UK-based electronic duo LUNGLEY consisting of siblings Matt and Natalie Lungley from South London. Describing themselves as "a tie of kinship, a collision of soundtracks of youth and maturity, visiting realms of past eras, which build roads to novel beginnings.” With Natalie's hynotizing voice and Matt's trip-hop production style, they deliver a sound that you can't help but get sucked into and transfixed by. Check out a downtempo emotive track called "Slow Down" from their recently released self-titled album which, I happen to think was one of the best released last year and actually happened to be named one of the Top 50 2016 album releases by Trip Hop Nation, below:

Also, check out their video for their song called "Just Like Before" here:

To hear more from LUNGLEY, like their must-hear debut album,

be sure to follow them on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

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