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Folk Singer/Songwriter

LUCA FOGALE writes music about real life, inspired by the human condition and the indescribable ways that music affects us. Defining himself as a folk musician, Luca draws great influence from classic poets and songwriters alike in order to create music that conveys awareness and communicates a powerful message to the listener. These qualities show their effects in Luca's extremely dedicated fan base.
After dropping out of university in 2011 in order to focus on his career as a musician, Luca has played everywhere possible with the intent of creating a livelihood solely supported by music. Having worked tirelessly for the last five years of his life at creating a career, Luca has performed all over Vancouver and has taken two tours across Alberta and Saskatchewan and is currently booking shows in preparation for a complete cross-Canada tour this August. At 22 years old, Luca's drive and passion for music grows daily as he strives to create and perform music in every way possible. Check out his song "Heat and Dark" below:

T o hear more from LUCA FOGALE visit his Soundcloud page here:

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