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Following two breathtaking songs "Fade" and "Rainbow", Wellington-based singer/songwriter LOUIS BAKER has released his gorgeous new single "Gave It All Away" as two different versions with one being a strikingly raw and acoustic recording by Baker and the other, an electronic dance track produced by Fat Freddy's Drop legend behind the MPC, Mu.

Written alone by the young songwriter, “Gave It All Away” came to life late one night in a hotel room, far from the grounding lights of home. Baker recalls that moment of creative revelation: "I remember feeling the exhaustion starting to set in, after being on the road by myself in the UK for quite some time. The song is about not giving up on your dreams. It's about never giving in. It's about the resolve and determination one must have in order to make these dreams become reality.”

Check out the electronic and acoustic versions of this beautiful song below:

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