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Introducing  Lorelei Carlson, the Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, pianist & composer whose ethereal voice will leave you mesmerized. If you're a fan of Sneaker Pimps and Lana Del Rey than you'll love her music as she helps you see the beauty in the darkness. Get to know more about this dark songstress by reading the interview I got the chance to do with her below:

MHB: Where are you from?

Lorelei: I grew up in seven countries; my parents both worked for the State Department and so we lived abroad for quite some time, as well as within the U.S. in Northern Virginia and Philadelphia.

MHB: How long has music been a part of your life? How did it come to be a part of it?

Lorelei: My father was a singer/songwriter, and was very instrumental in activating my musical inclination. I grew up watching him sing and play the guitar. He would record his songs on a cassette tape. I might have been about five when I told him I had written my first song and needed to record it as a form of imitation.

MHB: Did you always want to be a singer?

Lorelei: I can't remember ever wanting to be anything other than a musician. Although at one point, I did want to be a figure skater as well! That obviously didn't work out.

MHB: Who are some of your biggest musical influences & why?

Lorelei: I like Beethoven and Chopin a lot; Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Simon & Garfunkel, Sneaker Pimps and Portishead. It's a bit eclectic. I probably like different works for different reasons relating to composition, songwriting, vocals, melodies, etc.

MHB: What genres of music do you enjoy most? 

Lorelei: There is no real way to narrow this down: Classical, trip hop, rock and roll, hip hop, the blues. I could go on.

MHB: What is your creative process?

Lorelei: It varies. Sometimes melodies pop into my head, and it facilitates a story. Other times, certain phrases or words might trigger a concept.

MHB: Your lyrics are often dark and filled with emotion. What inspires you to write; Does it come from a personal place?

Lorelei: Usually death, solitude and nostalgia inspire me to write. As well as the desert, and an unmade bed.

MHB: How would you characterize your sound & what would you say makes your music unique?

Lorelei: It's probably dark, I suppose. That is what I'm told. I just like to think of it as very tangible, and perhaps an example of clouded judgement. Whether my music is unique or not depends on the listener. It's kind of at their discretion. I would hope that the ideas I convey provide some sense of knowing.

MHB: What are you currently working on? When do you plan on releasing anything? (i.e., EP, etc) 

Lorelei: I'm currently writing and composing classical pieces for a potential EP. Hopefully it can be completed in the coming months.

MHB: What is the ultimate driving force that gets you up in the morning?

Lorelei: My rabbit, Lennon.

MHB: If you were stuck on an island with only one record forever, what would it be?

Lorelei: Probably something by Beethoven or Chopin.

MHB: What does music mean to you? 

Lorelei: It reminds me that dreams and reality can coexist

Lorelei's music is stunning, ethereal, tough & addictive. Take a listen below to the song that caught my attention in which her dreamlike arrangements and signature ethereal vocals are manifested... Her rendition of the cult classic song by Nirvana, "Rape Me" which she recorded at Melody Maker Productions in Los Angeles. This cover is part of her latest LP "Dopamine" which contains six songs that, with it's heart-rending & haunting melodies will take you on an emotional journey of lust, obsession, and tragedy.

To hear more from Lorelei Carlson visit her Soundcloud page at

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