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Electro-Pop Singer/Songwriter


Introducing 18-year old New Zealand based vocalist that has the chops to be the island's next teenage sensation​, LIBBY OFFORD who has teamed up with another one of our HumanHuman discoveries, electronic R&B duo Jupiter Project and local artists Rory, Taine and Matt Noble of Karmadella for her first single, "Temporary Love" which has just been released on the Warner Music label. It’s a trop-pop tour de force that seamlessly blends the producers’ summery, top-shelf instrumentals with Offord’s transcendent vocals as she makes every infectious note during her ode to transient love feel effortless. It’s no overstatement to say Jupiter Project, Karmadella, and Offord have an absolute smash on their hands. Check out the electro-pop bop loaded with summery vibes "Temporary Love" below:

To hear more from LIBBY OFFORD, be sure to follow her

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