Bethan Leadley All Over You

Introducing singer/songwriter Bethan Leadley who under her new pseudonym LEADLEY has released her stellar debut single "All Of You" which was co-written by London-based composer, producer and songwriter Iain Mahanty. Inspired by artists such as Lorde, Halsey, and Melanie Martinez, she delivers some fine indie pop where her stunningly authentic vocals shine. With it's memorable hook, you'll be left wanting more. Speaking on the track Leadly says:

"This was a song I actually wrote for somebody. I knew that I wanted everything

with this person - the good, the bad, the intimacy, the late night chats whilst

they were struggling to open up - and it was basically my way of saying I was

down right obsessed with them. The song practically wrote itself, and I think it's

something everyone could relate to in their own lives and their own loved ones".

Check out her debut single "All Of You" here:

To hear more from LEADLY, be sure to follow her

on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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