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Introducing Baltimore bred now Los Angeles based singer/songwriter LAUREN RUTH WARD who's sultry rapturous voice is incredibly evocative and lends itself to almost any genre, whether its folk, pop, R&B, you name it and has led for her to be featured on many other artists songs. A voice that is a mix of raspy sensitivity with a dreamy, lullaby-like tone and proves alluringly seductive in its soulful self-possession. Lauren Ruth Ward is currently back in the studio recording new material as a follow-up to her recent self-titled EP as she will be releasing 4 singles before 2017 showcasing an energetic/rock side. You can check out a song I recently heard by Polarcode where she was featured called 'I Crave You' that I absolutely fell in love with below. And you can also hear her in the following post where she is featured on a another great song called 'Come Home' with producer/vocalist Ellogram.

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To hear more from LAUREN RUTH WARD visit her Soundcloud page at

or visit her website at 

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