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Alt-Pop Singer/Songwriter


Introducing singer/songwriter from Florida, Korin Bukowski a.k.a. KORIN who after appearing on season 9 of The Voice and releasing her first single "Freakshow" back in January, returns with her second single "Chasing Colors". Speaking on the track, Korin says:

“This song has a lot to do with changing the direction you thought your life would go, and accepting those changes,” Korin said of “Chasing Colors.” “I am still learning to accept that my life did not go the way I had always thought it would, but I am okay with it going the way I always dreamed it would. As someone who has always been afraid of what will happen, I”m trying to just work with what is happening in my life now.”

Get lost in this dreamy pop song which you'll find yourself listening more than once called "Chasing Colors" below:

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