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KAN WAKAN is Gueorgui Linev, the producer, film composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose music dissolves the genre-breaking electronica of Massive Attack, Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo and Zero 7 into a bottomless sea of 20th century minimalism, psychedelic soul and ambient atmosphere. He has just released his amazing new single "Still Feather" of which he says...

“Still Feather” ruminates on our industrial daydream; the precarious union of

technology and prosperity. It seems we are all transfixed to an exasperated

machine sputtering through visions of its golden days, a dubious projector cycling

scenes of emergent possibilities. And it feels dissonant, out of touch, modern life is

driving to the brink of exhaustion, while our synthetic creations grow in number and influence"

2017 will mark a new chapter for the LA-based Bulgarian-born musician who was recently named in the LA Weekly as "one of the top 10 young songwriters in Los Angeles". Having produced and worked with the likes of Moses Sumney, Thundercat, Tosin Abasi, and scored critically acclaimed feature film “Dead Draw”, it was time to incorporate a few collaborations of his own. With triple LP ‘Phantasmagoria’ soon on the way, Kan Wakan’s upcoming work incorporates guest vocalists and collaborations into an immersive melding of organic and electronic production mixed in with the orchestral flourishes of the Sofia Philharmonic orchestra.

Check out this amazing new single "Still Feather" below:

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Pre-Order 'Phantasmagoria" here

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