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Introducing KALLITECHNIS (deriving from Greek for "artist") who following her last single "Raining" which she worked on with producer ROMderful and was the first single off of her recently released debut EP "Wet Paint" , she returns with her latest sexy new single "Muse". Speaking on the track she says:

"When we talk about muses, we often discuss inspiration acquired from something that is external to us. I wanted to emphasize the importance and possibility of being your own muse, and retrieving power to create from within."

With her gorgeous and seductive vocals as well as ability to span multiple genres, she is a rising artist worth keeping an eye on and I can't wait to hear more from. Check out her hypnotic latest single "Muse" here:

To hear more from KALLITECHNIS, be sure to follow her

on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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