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Introducing the immensely talented singer/songwriter JUSTIN MICHAEL WILLIAMS. This local LA native went from an 8-year career of being an international yoga and meditation instructor to a brilliant conceptual recording artist after being asked by his grandmother, who was passing due to cancer, the following question... “If you were in my shoes and knew you were going to die in two months, what would you do?” Williams responded with, “I would drop everything I’m doing and finally record an album.” He was able to keep that promise he made to his grandmother of pursuing his dream when last month he released his brilliant debut album "Metamorphosis". A beautifully crafted masterpiece of emotion and vulnerability which is definitely worth the listen. Taking notes from electronic music, his urban sound is more experimental than the traditional pop R&B fusions which takes it to a whole new level and his use of falsetto has been compared to the likes of Maxwell and The Weeknd. His music is definitely something special that deserves to be heard. Check out the powerful video to his emotional single "Here With Me" below:

To hear more from JUSTIN MICHAEL WILLIAMS visit his website at

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