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Folk Electronic/Acoustic Indie/Dark Pop


Introducing Melbourne-based musician & visual artist Alison Thom who goes by the moniker of HOWLITE. Like the mineral considered by the mystics to calm the wearer and relieve them of old pains, Howlite's music will leave you feeling serene as she unapologetically creates a more visceral yet ethereal soundscape within a darker area of pop with layered vocals, Florence and the Machine-like drumbeats and synthetic sounds which has garnered her praise from the likes of Gotye, Nick O'Byrne (Courtney Barnett), and Nick Huggins (Two Bright Lakes). Foreboding and dark, Howlite has a magnificent voice and creates a sound that leaves me looking forward to hearing more. Howlite is set to release a six track debut EP called "Reasons" on November 11th but you can listen to her recently released single called "Storm Chaser" below:

To hear more from HOWLITE, visit their Soundcloud page at

and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter

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