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Introducing GRETA ISAAC who following her acclaimed debut releases ‘Don’t Tell’ and ‘Intro (Creatures of Habit)’ last year and early this year, this emerging artist beams into 2017 with her most innovative track yet in ‘You’. The young welsh artist continues her beguiling mix of inventive, electronic production and acoustic instruments – mandolin, acoustic guitar and double bass are all present here. It’s Greta’s defiant, siren-like vocal however that cuts through, pronouncing her obsession, darkly and sweetly over the track. Speaking on the track, Greta states:

“’You' is an exploration into obsession and

infatuation… The character is infatuated with another person to such an extreme that she

abandons her own identity to embody the other person. She quite literally wants to

BECOME them. It’s about how a simple little obsession can develop into something

destructively extreme.”

The video is equally unnerving, conjuring the dark nature of obsession and private vices. Artfully shot and a suitably enigmatic visual to accompany Greta’s growing reputation. Check out the video to "You" below:

To hear more from GRETA ISAAC, be sure to follow her

on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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