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Introducing Joel Tan aka Gentle Bones. A singer/songwriter from Singapore who has released an EP which has been hailed by iTunes and Spotify, and has opened for international acts such as Us The Duo and Christina Perri. His sophomore effort "Geniuses and Thieves", which soared to the top of the iTunes charts an hour after it was released back in June, departs from Gentle Bones' regular folk-pop material and instead goes for thumping beats and alternative R&B-influenced sounds. The five-track EP also features the handiwork of violinist Josh Wei, producer Flightsch, and up-and-coming singer/songwriter Linying, who lends her soothing vocals to the song ‘Liar’. Check out the video to the song that put him on my radar called "Geniuses and Thieves" where he can almost be mistaken for The Weeknd below:

To hear more from GENTLE BONES visit his Soundcloud page at

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