Fanny Andersen

Introducing Oslo pop artist FANNY ANDERSEN who after the success of her debut single "Kids" which she released in Spring of this year, returns with her latest must-hear single "Not A Toy". Speaking on the track the Scandinavian singer tells The Fader:

“The song is about a relationship that isn't working, where the boy isn't treating the girl right. So many of my friends, and me, have been in relationships like this and I just felt like I've had enough! So it’s an anthem about all the players out there. In relationships like that, where you don't get what you want from the boy, there is this psycho inside of you (I don't know about everyone, but for me it was like that) that's being unleashed. That's what I tried to portray, when you get past that point of common sense and you just go a bit insane.”

Check out the newly released lyric video to "Not A Toy" below:

To hear more from FANNY ANDERSEN, be sure to follow her on

SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Premiered via The Fader

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