Introducing guy/girl duo from Vancouver, B.C. known as EMPATHY who are the ones behind a song I heard the other day which completely blew my mind called "Slip". With a thumping beat that sounds like a heartbeat along with a deep bassline which pulsates throughout the layers of synths and accompanied by beautiful vocals, this song gives you all the feels. I was even more mind-blown when I came to learn that "Slip" is the first piece of music that these two have worked on together and they made it in a couple hours on a Sunday night and put it out the next day. It was made very quickly, but they really like how it turned out. They are currently working on music and will be putting a new track out pretty soon. If it's anything like this first one, I'm gonna love it! Can't wait to learn more about this duo and hear what else they have in store. Check out their song "Slip" below:

To hear more from EMPATHY be sure to follow them on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/user-39379731

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