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Introducing Dem Charles, a French contemporary artist who composes, performs and writes lyrics and music. Self-taught in the soul, he calls his creations spontaneous and over time he explores his world, where mingle dream and mystery. He recently released his album "One For U" which came in at #47 on the iTunes Top 200 Releases. I had the chance to talk to this talented artist whose voice gives me chills when I here it and learn more about him which you can read about below:

MHB: Can you introduce yourself?

DC: I am a young artist (27 years old) originally from the Caribbean Islands (Martinique), singer/songwriter that lives in Paris.

MHB: How would you describe the music scene where you're from and what about it do you like most?

DC: Martinique, is mostly concentrated on dancehall style music and what I like about it, are the rhythms that I can easily draw inspiration from and use in my music.

MHB: How did you get your start as a songwriter/musician? Did you always want to be a musician? And can you recall your earliest musical memory?

DC: I first started to compose music because I used to write books, and I wanted to convert what I wrote into music. I started to sing only to try and get an idea of what my voice sounded like on my own instrumental. Most of my family members liked it and encouraged me to continue. My first concert was in Martinique with my uncle who is a musician himself and my style at the time was mostly reggae. it was awesome!

MHB: Who have been some your favorite and most influential artists and what bands continue to inspire you and your music?

DC: Linkin Park, Bjork, Amy Winehouse, Massive Attack are some of the artist that influence me the most. Today, the music of a late artist that still influences me, is Amy Winehouse and I adore singing “Back To Black” in my concert, there’s even a video on my Youtube Channel!

MHB: If you could choose any artist to able work with, who would you choose and why?

DC: If I could work with Rhianna, I think I would be amazed! Her voice captivates me and I know that she can fit into so many different style.s

MHB: How would you characterize YOUR sound to a new listener & what would you say makes your music unique?

DC: What I sing is the OPE style ! OPE ( Orchestral, Pop, Electro). My music can bring people that listen to it into my dimensions and my universe. And people always tell me that my voice is full of emotions

MHB: What can you tell us about your album "One For You" that you just released? What was the inspiration behind it and how did it come together?

DC: One For U is the chapter that comes after “April 65” my first EP, that I created after the death of my mum. One For U is more personal as it talks about my reconstruction, about my first and only love, and about my passion for music. My inspiration is the dancehall rhythms because I wanted something more dynamic but while at the same time keeping the soft melodies.

MHB: Is there a song on your album that is particularly special to you and if so, which?

DC: "The Call” is the most personal song of the album, because it talks about the link that will always exist with my mother, despite the border that separates us.

MHB: What other projects are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in the next coming months?

DC: I am preparing the first music video of the album which is going to be “One For U” , I want to show people the visuals of my universe and style. I’m also going to prepare some concerts in Paris with my band. Informations will be available soon on my website (

MHB: What is the ultimate driving force that gets you up in the morning?

DC: My mother, because she wanted me to succeed.

MHB: What do you think the future of music will be like?

DC: I think that music is heading towards using less and less instrumentals, to give the voice a larger place. I also think that with the globalization, music styles will be mixed just like the human race.

MHB: If we all each had a theme song that played whenever we walked or moved around, what would you choose your theme song to be?

DC: I can’t choose one song because there’s so many melodies in my head! lol !

MHB: At the end of the day, what do you ultimately hope listeners take away from your songs?

DC: I want listeners to identify to my music because I want to share my music without giving directions.

MHB: What does music mean to you?


MHB: Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself & your music?

DC: I really worked hard to put an album together without any label. I composed the music, I wrote the lyrics, I mixed and mastered each song on the album. I just want people to enjoy it!

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