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So, every now and then, I will post about something that is a bit different from the usual sound I share on here and today I'm introducing the sounds of Florida-born rapper DARRELL SIMMS. This troubador moved to Europe at the age of 8 with his mother and sister; spending the majority of his childhood in Sweden. He acknowledges that this international upbringing was musically beneficial, opening him up to new cultures and ideals from early childhood. In his senior year, Darrell started to take music seriously and returned to the United States in order to pursue his artistry more fully.

Currently based in Los Angeles, he is working with a number of emerging producers in order to broaden his aural scope - dancing between hip-hop, R&B and electronic soundscapes. I got a chance to learn a little bit more about the emerging artist and his latest single "Elements" from our little Q&A which you can read about further below:

MHB: How long have you been creating music for?

How long have you been creating music for?

Darrell: I started senior year in high school but didn't start taking it seriously until I dropped out of college in 2015.

MHB: When did the elements start to take shape?

Darrell: The lyrics for Elements were originally for a different beat but when I heard the instrumental that I found on SoundCloud, I figured the aggression on the beat matched the lyrics perfectly.

MHB: What kind of subjects does it draw upon?

Darrell: It draws upon pain, hunger and desire for the most part. No filter at all and just being able to spill whatever is on your mind.

MHB: Is this the sound you're going to be heading for?

Darrell: I wanted to mostly experiment with this sound because most of my music before showed more vulnerability. I'm definitely looking to dabble more into it but i wouldn't say my sound is only going to consist of these types of beats.

MHB: What else do you have coming up this year?

Darrell: I have an EP called Wilcox Ave. I want to drop this summer so hopefully this single gets buzz before then.

On his new single 'Elements' Darrell notes:


"It's about drawing on negative and positive elements in your life such as, friends, family, fear, failure and success. I wrote it when I was angry, mostly for being taken for granted as a rapper / artist - not having my lyrical contributions taken seriously."

Check out his single "Elements" below:

To hear more from DARRELL SIMMS, be sure to follow him

on SoundCloud, Facebook , and Twitter.

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