I am so happy and excited to share this band I stumbled across the otherday by the name of CORTEL who just released their album and I’m obsessed. The band is comprised of Sergei Kashkovsky who is the band’s vocalist and Dmitry Tochilin who is responsible for the musical stuff and Alexander Ivanov who handles the drams. Their music is something my soul has been craving as it seems to echo a long forgotten cultural epoch - jazz of the early mid 20th century. CORTEL bring waves of hypnotic multi-instrumental electronic music with a bass that hits me deep where I feel it in my bones just the way I like it. And let me not forget to mention that they bring back and aren’t to use the beautiful sounds of horns which I have been saying there has been a lack of and can be heard clearly in their song “No Way Back”. Their whole album is amazing with music that provokes new emotions and thoughts inside you. Experience a taste of what they have to offer with a video for their song “Run” below:

Click here to hear more from CORTEL https://soundcloud.com/cortel-1

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