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Introducing BUTTER, the delicious new project and the alter-ego of singer, actress, and writer LOLA BLANC. She has just released the awesome first track from her new project called "Lifted" and it is a treat for all of your senses. Speaking on her new project, Lola says:

Butter transmutes your childhood memories into far-flung daydreams — like orbiting the rings of Saturn on the Magic School Bus — so far beyond nostalgia, more like an alchemical re-processing of the Collective Unconscious, reworking Pop Culture to resurrect ancient visions, praying to Sailor Moon for protection, calling on Madonna for guidance and an open heart.”

I sure can't wait to hear what other goodies are to come from her but in the meantime, enjoy the must-hear single "Lifted" here:

To hear more from BUTTER, be sure to follow her

on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Premiered via LADYGUNN

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