Brynn Elliott

Introducing singer/songwriter originally from Atlanta and now currently residing in Portland BRYNN ELLIOTT who, after the release of her single "Might Not Like Me" earlier this year, returns with her latest offering "Psycho Stupid Crazy". A ridiculously good song about the aftermath of a breakup. Speaking on the track Brynn says:

"After this breakup, I was hanging out with a friend and he asked “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done post break-up?” I laughed and thought about how just that morning, I’d spent an unseemly amount of time stalking my ex on social media. After this conversation, I wrote a song about this phenomenon and how social media stalking made me feel a little insane. We all know that social media has its pros and cons. It gives us access to our friends and beautiful brands and so on. But it also connects us with those that maybe we should be letting go. That’s what psycho stupid crazy is all about: the weird and stupid things we do post break-up no matter how smart or mature we are.."

With her beautiful voice and way of putting philosophy into her songs, she is sure to go places and definitely on to keep an eye on. Check out "Psycho Stupid Crazy" here:

To hear more from BRYNN ELLIOTT, be sure to follow her

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