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BLACK DYLAN is a new Danish duo comprised of producer Nuplex and Wafande who brings his unique and soulful vocals. With an updated retro soul style BLACK DYLAN present a new dimension to music. They masterfully recreate the sound of 60s soul and classic R&B with a hint of contemporary grit. The first song I heard from them was called ‘She Said I Was A Failure’ and it gave me chills cause of how sexy and soulful it is. Their latest single, ‘Hey Stranger’ is a vibrant retro-sounding song with 70s funk and lots of horn swag. They are set to be releasing their 10 track album ‘Hey Stranger’ in just a couple of days on the 26th of August and I can’t wait to hear what else they have on there. Check out the video to the song that first got me ‘She Said I Was A Failure’ below:

To hear more from BLACK DYLAN visit their Soundcloud page here

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