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Introducing London-based singer/songwriter ANOUSHKA whose music you can't help but vibe to. A perfect blend of r&b, hip-hop and soul accompanied by her beautiful, seductive and inviting vocals. I dug the vibe when I first heard her music and wanted to learn more which I was able to do when I had the opportunity of interviewing the trip-hop songstress. Check out my interview with her as well as her latest single below:

MHB: Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Anoushka I'm 19 years old and I write songs and sing them. I love making music. 

MHB: How is the music scene where you are from? What do you like about it most?

Anoushka: I'm from North West London. I think in London mainstream isn't really a thing but I'd say grime is a pretty popular genre within London at the moment. I love how it brings everyone together.

MHB: How do you describe yourself as a person apart from being a musician?

Anoushka: I would say I don't take things to seriously, I think it's healthy to not really give a shit about anyone's negative opinions. I like to stay happy and make other people happy. There's just no point spending life feeling down. But most of all I am determined to be successful in any passions I discover.

MHB: Do you remember the first time you realized you had a voice that could be a unique instrument?

Anoushka: I was in primary school when I discovered my singing voice, I think it excited me that I could be loud and people couldn't yell at me because I could label it as singing. But once I started lessons and realized that it was something I really loved.

MHB: Where did your love of music stem from? Is there a particular moment when you decided you wanted to make music your life's work?

Anoushka: I started off in musical theatre so that's where it stemmed from I would say. However I can't remember a moment, as cliche as it may sound I think I was born with a passion for music I think when that happens you can either invest in that natural passion or leave it. I decided to take it, there is no better feeling than really getting into a piece of music, it's so addictive to me.

MHB: Who are some of your biggest musical influences and what artists/bands continue to inspire you and your music?

Anoushka: There are so many, I know for a fact my favorite songwriters influence my writing a great deal. From Matt Healy and Amy Winehouse to SZA and Maverick Sabre. Music wise, it's an even wider range! To name a few from Paul Buchanan to Alina Baraz. To be honest life inspires me so much, I think any musician will relate when I say its that feeling where you hear an amazing track and you get a mixture of jealousy and the why didn't I make that moment mixed with a massive appreciation for the music. That is what keeps me doing what I do. I love it.

MHB: Without using any musical terms, how would you describe your sound to a new listener?

Anoushka: Chilled out and vibey, I'd also say it's always got an element of story telling because my lyrics always paint quite a clear picture.

MHB: Would you mind walking me through your creative process? Do you start with music and add lyrics, or do you know what you want to say ahead of the composition?

Anoushka: I tend to start with music, but I'm constantly writing new rhymes that I can use. I never really have an idea unless I see something and feel the urge to speak on it.

MHB: What can you tell me about your latest release "One Night"? What is it about? What was the inspiration behind it? 

Anoushka: It's about that moment you realize something you thought would be a passing moment is so much more. Something a lot more special than you initially thought. The shock of realizing something is going further than you were initially going to allow.

MHB: What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality?

Anoushka: Ooh I love so many creative things! Photography and film have always been a big influence, I love art and sketching. I also love to dance, I've been dancing since I was 10. I think it's such a powerful art form. There's honestly so much, I'm just interested in life. It's my biggest muse.

MHB: What projects are you working on and what can we expect from you in the next coming months? Is there an album in the works?

Anoushka: I have been working really hard with a range of producers. I plan to release an EP within the next year. I will continue to release freestyles as I think they really show an honest expression. It's important to me that I keep doing that.

MHB: If you were given the opportunity to go back and see any artist perform live, who would it be?

Anoushka: Amy Winehouse, no question. She was a beautiful soul and incredibly talented at what she did.

MHB: At the end of the day, what do you ultimately hope listeners take away from your music?

Anoushka: I hope to dissolve people's stresses of life. Life can get hard but if you know you can leave the office and put your headphones on and totally escape. I want it to be my music achieving that. I want it to allow people feel like they can breathe again.

MHB: Can you share one random fact about yourself?

Anoushka: I know all the words to that Italian song 'Il Mondo' by Jimmy Fontana.

MHB: If you were stuck on an island with only one album forever, what would it be? 

Anoushka: This is a tricky one, but I feel at the moment it would be Kaytranada's 99.9% because every time I listen to it I get something new because he's used so many elements. Genius album.

MHB: What does music mean to you?

Anoushka: Everything.

MHB: Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself and your music? 

Anoushka: Just keep a look out for what I've got coming in the new year. 

Check out her latest release "One Night" below:

To hear more from ANOUSHKA visit her Soundcloud page


and be sure to follow her on Twitter and YouTube

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