Introducing California native and currently Nashville-based pop singer/songwriter ANNALIA who recently released her debut single "Jealous". I was able to learn a little more about this emerging artist who was nice enough to find some time in between studio sessions to answer a few questions. Read our quick Q&A with her below:

MHB: Can you introduce yourself?

ANNALIA: Hey! My name's ANNALIA. I’m a California native currently creating out of Nashville, TN. I just released my debut single “Jealous," and I have so much in store for everybody!

MHB: How is the music scene where you are from? What do you like about it most?

ANNALIA: I can only speak for the music scene in Nashville, where I have built a strong community of creatives who I work with regularly. I love the drive people have here, and the desire to work together to create something great. I have made some amazing friendships through co-writes!

MHB: Would you mind walking me through your creative process? Do you start with music and add lyrics, or do you know what you want to say ahead of the composition?

ANNALIA: My creative process is always different. A lot of times I start with a title, theme, or lyric that I wrote down at some point in my phone notes. I also find myself singing melodies and lyrics at really random times. Those are my favorite moments, when I have to pull out my phone and voice memo it out so that I can remember it later. Sometimes ideas just come to me like little presents I wasn’t expecting. Other times, I sit down with myself or other writers with the purpose of writing a particular song, and that process always looks different as well.

MHB: What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your musicality?

ANNALIA: I have been dancing my whole life so I grew up listening to so many different styles of music and appreciating all of them individually. Constantly having to be in tune and connected to all sorts of music was really what helped shape my love for writing.

MHB: What can you tell me about your latest single "Jealous"? What is it about? What was the inspiration behind it?

ANNALIA: "Jealous" is an ode to the drama queens, who can be nasty when they feel intimidated. This song is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt cut down. It’s about learning to tune out the crazy.

Check out her debut single "Jealous" below:

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